The Ghost Bridge and Other Creepy Tales of the Haunted South

Discover the spine tingling stories behind 90 spooky places across the South and why some ghosts are reluctant to leave the place they once called home. The Ghost Bridge and Other Creepy Tales of the Haunted South is the perfect guidebook for finding the creepiest places from Maryland to Texas for eerie encounters, if you dare.

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Did someone call you a snollygoster or a big bug? Find out what they meant in this amusing and comprehensive collection! Hundreds of Southern words and phrases fill the pages of this must-have dictionary, along with dozens of folk narratives and superstitions!

Best Books of 2017

In the Great Green Room:  The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown was named to Amazon’s Best Books of 2017! Click on the image below to see the full list.

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A Glimpse at MWB’s papers


A page from Margaret’s 1927 diary. She pressed her corsage into its pages to remind her of the evening.

Want see a few of the over 20,000 papers I drew on to write the bio? Click on the image above.

Press for In the Great Green Room

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Bio on MWB in PW!


My biography on Margaret Wise Brown, In the Great Green Room, was included in this Publishers Weekly forthcoming books roundup!




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For decades children and their parents around the world have cuddled together to read Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny. While the lulling words of these stories have formed nighttime rituals for millions, few know that these classic works were part of a publishing revolution led by Margaret Wise Brown, who was renowned not only for her prolific writing and creative genius, but also for her stunning beauty and thirst for adventure.

In 1990, author Amy Gary discovered unpublished manuscripts, songs, personal letters, and diaries from Margaret tucked away in a trunk in the attic of Margaret s sister s barn. Since then, Gary has pored over these works and with this unique insight in to Margaret s world she chronicles her rise in the literary world. Clever, quirky, and wildly imaginative, Margaret embraced life with passion, threw wild parties, attended rabbit hunts, and lived extravagantly off of her royalties. She carried on long and troubled love affairs with both men and women, including the ex-wife of John Barrymore, and was engaged to a younger man (who was the son of a Carnegie and a Rockefeller) when she died unexpectedly at the age of 42.

In the Great Green Room captures the exceptional spirit of Margaret whose unrivaled talent breathed new life in to the literary world.


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